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manny_emma_4eva's Journal

Emma and Manny Forever!
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Welcome to Emma and Manny Forever, a community dedicated to the friendship of Emma Nelson and Manny Santos from Degrassi:The Next Generation!I'm Steph, your mod, and the rules are quite simple:

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1.Only post about Manny and Emma,and people that Manny and Emma are affiliated with, like Darcy,JT,Sean...
2.No really bad swearing, like the f word and b word.Let's keep it PG-13!
3.Don't advertise new communities.Please only promote communities relating to Emma or Manny.No RPG's either.
4.This isn't a episode downloading community.If you want the latest episode, please go to degrassi_downld.
5.Posting icons is great!Just post icons ONLY of Manny and Emma.By themselves,together,or with a past boyfriend/girlfriend or other friend.
6.If you want to post a spoiler,please PLEASE put it under a lj cut!

And that's it! So enjoy the community, and have fun!


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Thanks to hockeygurl97 for the colorbars above, degrassi.tv for the pictures,and degrassitng_ for my icon!